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NPR Mobile App


Designing a more informed public.

Every day, people around the world turn to NPR for news and cultural content that they can't get anywhere else. Increasingly, people are using their mobile devices to access this content. The Digital Media Design team at NPR HQ in Washington, D.C. is working to hone these digital tools, making them easy to use and ensuring that information comes first - namely by redesigning the NPR app. I had the honor of working on the team for several months, designing interactions and interviewing users.

Critical to building successful digital products is taking the time to ask questions and then really listen to your user. It turns out that NPR app users have well-established patterns and opinions that helped us to make crucial decisions in organizing content and creating hierarchy.


Because the primary use of the NPR app is reading, the function of the Home screen is to keep users abreast of the latest news and other stories. Available in the app is the ability to listen to live streams of radio, as well as NPR and NPR-affiliated shows.

Crucial to the redesign of the app was more clearly integrating and featuring member stations. Users can choose their favorite station and listen to a live stream.

You can find more info about this exciting new chapter here and here.