Claudia Bertilsson

Designer / Maker / Innocent Bystander

When I was six years old, my father put me and my brother in a tiny motor boat and told us we were going to an island inhabited by trolls. This is slightly less weird because I grew up in Sweden, where trolls are merely a fact of life, but that’s beside the point. The actual point is that from that day on, I knew I couldn’t live a boring life. As a designer and maker, I start each day with a sense of usually-not-anxiety-inducing wonderment. I thrive when I am allowed to learn how things work and I always want to figure out how to make them better. Plus, after surviving the harrowing journey to and from the troll island, there is no challenge too big for me to overenthusiastically tackle.

I draw at



NPR - Digital Media | UX Design

The Ecology Center - Graphic Designer

Column Five





BFA Design + Digital Media, Laguna College of Art + Design

Immigration and Ethnic Relations, Malmö Högskola, Sweden

"I wanna be a legend; I wanna be a cult hero. I do!"
- Kathleen Hanna