about me



I'm Claudia. I design, illustrate and write things. I was born in Sweden and raised as a Mexican-Swedish-American in California and Tennessee (weird combination, I know). 

Before graduating from Laguna College of Art + Design with my BFA in Design in 2016, I studied EU Immigration Policy and Ethnic Studies in Malmö, Sweden. Many people are surprised by this, believing that these two fields of study are distinctly discreet. I, however, argue that they are intimately connected. Design at it's very best is a tool for communication, understanding, and education - all things necessary in facilitating the improvement of a global standard of living and the guarantee of universal human rights. (Lofty goals, but we've gotta have something to work toward, right?)

While much of my work is informed by my desire to make life better for an increasingly complex world, a lot of it is made purely for fun. Drawing has always been the thing I do to relax and to communicate where words fail me.

If you'd like to get in touch, you can email me at claudia@claudbert.com